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Client Details


Location: Franklin, TN

Business Space: Online Video & Outdoor Content

Project Details

Technologies: Joomla!, Flash, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API, ThePlatform, Akamai

Project Needs: Design, Custom Development, Business Strategies, Advertising Platform Integration, Analytics, SEO, 3rd Party API Integration, Search Engine Marketing

Project Details: was founded by the same team which brought us TNN (The Nashville Network) before it became Spike TV. Their vision was to bring outdoor television content to the web. This was achieved by utilizing several business strategies to capitalize on good organic content to bring a solid visitor base. Several applications were developed to assit proper propagation of content as well as promote a quality user experience. Appplications of note include a dynamic player generation platform that was fully integrated with their media management server, a "Browse Video by Geographical Location" application which utilized the Google Maps API, as well as their video player system.